How do we wash furniture?

First, we examine the fabric and the stains, assess the situation and decide what kind of detergent to use.
We cover the floor around the item to be cleaned with plastic to keep water from damaging it or getting the carpet wet.
We apply stain remover to the larger and more stubborn stains and leave it to work for a while. We spritz detergent solution over the fabric and let it dissolve the dirt for 10-15 minutes.
We clean the piece of furniture using detergent solution, and suction the dirt out at the same time.
We rinse the upholstery with clean water and suction out as much water as possible to make the final drying time shorter.
We remove the plastic from the floor and tidy up after ourselves.

Drying takes 4-12 hours depending on the material. Generally, thicker and more natural fabrics take longer, while thinner and more synthetic materials dry faster.
As we leave before the item is dry without seeing the final result, we will contact you in a few days for feedback to find out if the item has stayed clean after drying. If needed, we will return to remedy any shortcomings without
extra cost.