The upholstery cleaning service by Cleaning Fairy

makes your home super fresh!


Our niche in the field of furniture cleaning is to revive your textile furniture without the use of chemicals.
Our target customers are environmentally conscious private clients with particular demands who are no strangers to luxury and comfort, freshness and cosiness, who have high moral values and want to spend quality time with their family in a clean home.
Our concept is a cleaning process that entails maximum convenience with minimum noise, while saving both time and money.

We may wash our favourite clothes every week, but neglect our favourite furniture. Especially this time of year, when we spend more time home, it needs to be soft and fresh for the family to enjoy during these long dark nights. We can promise you that furniture needs to be cleaned less often than your favourite pair of jeans. Most of the time the manufacturer has chosen material that is dirt-resistant, soft and comfortable, but also handles washing well (will not shrink or stretch).

We recommend deep-cleaning your upholstery once or 
twice a year depending on how often the piece of furniture is used.

Regular wet cleaning will extend the life of your sofas and
armchairs considerably!
Our clients have been pleasantly surprised with the results, and the positive feedback drives us to perform better and better. We rarely come across stains that are impossible to remove. Our cleaning equipment uses a mild natural detergent to remove the dust mites living in the furniture as well as their faeces, which cause allergies. Pet odours and other kinds of dirt are also removed.
We use a special soft wash and suction out the dirt, reviving the colour of textile, removing stains and leaving the upholstery smelling fresh. We use exceptional high-quality and environmentally friendly detergents that are free from fragrance and irritants. They are suitable for all types of textiles, but remove dirt efficiently, leaving the furniture soft and smelling fresh.

Stain removal
Cleaning process
Cleaning process